Laser Eye Surgery is Effective for Reading Vision

laser eye surgery for reading vision problemsTECHNOLOGY that has become available over past two years means that reading vision problems can now be very effectively addressed through laser eye treatment. Although at present only a few clinics specialise in this area, it is the fasting growing section of the laser vision arena.

FOCUS Laser Vision specialises in the correction of loss of reading vision, either through advanced LASIK laser eye surgery or through the use of lenses inside the eye (IOLs)

Several approaches to LASIK are showing promise in the treatment of reading vision problems (presbyopia) for patients with otherwise normal distance vision, or long or short sight, according to studies presented at the 12th Winter Refractive Meeting of the ESCRS.

In research presented by Kenneth A Greenberg MD, all patients achieved good distance vision of 20/25 or better and were able to read telephone directory sized print, 12 months after undergoing customised LASIK treatments. The multicentre study involved 28 presbyopic long-sighted patients with an average age of 56 years.


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About the Author: Mr. Dave Allamby FRCS FRCOphth is a leading London-based laser eye surgeon. You may have seen him on the This Morning TV show with Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton or read one of several articles in the national press, recently for treating Denise Van Outen, rock giant Rick Wakeman and broadcaster Paul Ross. David is Medical Director at Focus Laser Vision, known as a world-leading clinic in the treatment of presbyopia, or age related loss of close vision. Focus Laser Vision is also London's only clinic to offer next-generation Z-LASIK laser eye treatment for short sight, long sight or astigmatism.

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  1. Andy says:

    I have only just heard of laser blending treatment. I am about to have laser treatment to correct my distance vision but am aware that my near vision is starting to deteriorate. As my funds are low at the moment, is it possible to have blended treatment at a later date if I have already had corrective treatment for my distance vision?


    • Dave Allamby says:

      Hi Andy, I would approach it with a distance correction now, but leave one eye very lightly short-sighted, only around -0.50. This will postpone your need for reading glasses for a while. I would then do a second stage KAMRA inlay whenever you needed it to boost your near vision, while preserving good distance vision. Best regards, David

  2. Michel says:

    Cost ofcourse matters and enjoying perfect vision after surgery should be important factor and latest technology should be used for successful surgery.
    I had LASIK for $2000 and i am happy with perfect vision.

  3. Joanne Diaper says:


    I currently am short sighted, 45 yrs old (approx -3.25/-4.25) I have also started noticing very slight changes recently when trying to focus on reading material. I realise I would need a consultation but wondered if blending might be suitable for me. I am a solicitor so spend a lot of time reading docs and would need good near vision (preferably without specs!)


    • Dave Allamby says:

      Hi Joanne, Blending may suit you but hard to tell without the compatibility test results from the consultation. About 1 in 12 are not suitable. Also depends on the volume of near work you do and whether continuous or interrupted. Some patients who do a lot of desk work use glasses occasionally and keep a pair on the desk, but don’t need to take them home in the evening or weekends, or carry them around. We give you a pair suitable for your new eyes.
      Hope that helps! Dave

  4. Dave Allamby says:

    hi John
    Sure, no problem. The price depends on what you would like corrected. If you just want to correct your distance vision, that is currently £920 per eye, for the advanced blade free dual laser wavefront LASIK. You would still need glasses for reading however. (These prices go up in September by the way.)
    If you want to be able to have good distance AND reading vision and so be able to see near and far, that is more advanced and more expensive. This blended vision treatment is £1995 per eye for the blade free dual laser LASIK wavefront procedure. This price wont change in September.
    Hope this helps answer your question, and thanks for posting. You can call the clinic with code LT01 if you would like a free consult with FOCUS, as someone who has come through this blog. (0845 5000 500)

  5. Dave Allamby says:

    Hi Elaine
    There are only really two UK clinics who are actively specializing in laser blended vision, ourselves at FOCUS Laser Vision and London Vision Clinic.
    We are both in central London in the Harley Street area. We at FOCUS charge £1995 for dual laser LASIK and I think London Vision Clinic is around £2100 or so (all prices per eye).
    If you want to come along to FOCUS, you can call 0845 5000 500 and quote LT01 for a free consult.

  6. John Rodell says:

    I have the following prescription dated 5 March 2007, could you give some idea of cost please:

    Right Sphere -2.75 Cylinder -1.00 axis 85 Add +2.25 DS

    Left Sphere -2.25 Cylinder -1.25 Axis 88 Add +2.25 DS



  7. Elaine Burden says:

    Thanks for your response Dave. I am 50 at the moment (will be 51 in October 08) Where would be the nearest centre to where I live which is Kidderminster, Worcestershire who would be able to do the treatment.

  8. Dave Allamby says:

    Hi Elaine
    Your right eye looks great for distance vision so we can leave that one alone, and look at adding reading vision to your left eye to achieve blended vision.
    Does your left eye see well with glasses, when your right eye is closed? Have you ever been told you have a ‘lazy’ left eye?
    Because we are only treating one eye, the total cost would be £1695 for blade LASIK, or £1995 for dual laser blade free wavefront LASIK.
    If you could let me know how old you are (if its not a secret!), that will help me too.
    Thanks, Dave

  9. Elaine Burden says:

    Hello Dave
    I have the following prescription (one year old).
    R +0.25 sph -0.25cyl 95.0 axis +1.25 near add
    L +1.25 sph 1.25 cyl 90.0 axis +1.25 near add

    I find that I can see distance well without glasses, but need to put glasses on to see to read books, menus, small print, etc.
    Would I be suitable for the blended vision surgery and if so, how much would it cost me.
    Regards Elaine

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