Optimax Laser Eye Clinics advert claiming to be number one banned by ASA

A direct mail advertisement by Optimax Laser Eye Clinics, which said ‘we’re the UK’s number one Laser Eye Surgery specialists’ has been banned by the ASA, according to the drum.co.uk. A complaint had been made by Optical Express about the advert, which also claimed that Optimax had ‘the best corrective vision treatment in the country’.

Optimax said the ad was an oversight because they had been ensuring they were careful to avoid comparative and superlative claims in their advertising. Since the advertising Standards Authority did not receive any evidence to back the claims of being number one for laser eye surgery, or for having the best vision corrective treatment in the country, the regulatory body decided that the advert breached the CAP code on misleading advertising and substantiation. It said that the advert must not be shown again in that form.


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About the Author: Mr. Dave Allamby FRCS FRCOphth is a leading London-based laser eye surgeon. You may have seen him on the This Morning TV show with Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton or read one of several articles in the national press, recently for treating Denise Van Outen, rock giant Rick Wakeman and broadcaster Paul Ross. David is Medical Director at Focus Laser Vision, known as a world-leading clinic in the treatment of presbyopia, or age related loss of close vision. Focus Laser Vision is also London's only clinic to offer next-generation Z-LASIK laser eye treatment for short sight, long sight or astigmatism.

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  1. Tia says:

    Hi Dave,

    I am 32 years old and have had a couple of consultations for LASIK surgery and am thoroughly confused! Each clinic is trying to convince me they have the best technology going.

    Having done some research, I understand important factors include a skilled and experienced surgeon, a laser with an eye tracker, wavefront, and my pupil size.

    In addition, will the type of laser used make much difference? There are significant differences in prices quoted to me!

    My laser options are:

    1) VISX STAR S4 IR with iFS 150
    2) Schwind Amaris 750s with intralase
    3) Bausch & Lomm Z1000 (upgraded recently) with intralase

    Your professional opinion would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards


    • Tia says:

      Sorry I forgot to add my prescription:

      Myopic both eyes -3.5
      Astigmatism both eyes -0.25
      Prescription range 1.00

    • Dave Allamby says:

      hi Tia.
      It can be pretty confusing. For lasers, if its an Intralase for the femtosecond laser, make sure it’s the iFS, not an older model such as the FS60 or FS30. All the excimer lasers should be able to do well at -3.50 dioptres, but you really want to see the clinics actual results for that type of prescription. Also very important is the quality of the centre and their reputation. Have you had the opportunity to meet the surgeon? How much time is allocated for you, i.e. how many other cases will the surgeon do that day?

  2. surbhi says:

    hey. i m 25 year old.
    i m suffering from high myopic astigmatism.
    but i have 510 and 514 um thickness of cornea.

    i consult different doctors.
    they suggest
    1. schwind amaris 750s
    2. visx machine.

    which one is better?

    • Dave Allamby says:

      Hi. I would choose the Schwind over the VISX – Schwind has a significantly more modern design platform. For any centre, you want to ask each centre what their 20/20 success rate is for your prescription level, and also what the enhancement rate is (the percentage of times they have to re-operate to achieve the correct target.)
      Best regards, David

  3. Nagesh says:

    Hi Dave
    My Name is Nagesh.m just 20 years.i have cyl number.m eligible for lasik r not .i have healthy eyes .u knw any lasik clinic in india.i m sporty person wil lasik effect it.its said that lasik make corena weak.any problem effect my future.what type f lasik i do.m realy tired of glasses.

  4. Tariq says:

    Hi Dave,

    I am considering laser eye surgery, what is your opinion of the visx laser that optical express use?
    I would like to have the z-lasik procedure done but I can not find anyone within my budget.

    kind regards


    • Dave Allamby says:

      hi Tariq, The VISX is a good laser for mild to moderate short sight, up to -6.00D in particular. You must get the Wavefront (CustomVue) option plus blade-free femtosecond laser options, otherwise the final results may not be as good. You will find that once you get the upgrade options needed, the price will be similar to Z-LASIK. I think Z-LASIK is superior, and includes the more advanced Ziemer laser for flap creation. Best regards, Dave

  5. MA says:

    Thank you for your input Dave. Much appreciated!


  6. MA says:

    Hi Dave,

    I am considering getting corrective laser eye surgery. The key things to know about me are:

    1) I suffer from myopic astigmatism
    2) I am highly involved in martial arts – specifically MMA, which is a high-contact sport

    Having done some initial reading, it seems that ‘flapless’ procedures such as PRK & Lasek are the best options for me.

    After meeting with various opthamologists in my region, I have narrowed it down to 3 surgeons (with excellent reputations), each of whom have different machines:

    1) Carl Zeiss MEL 80
    2) Schwind Amaris 750
    3) VISX S4 IR with CustomVue

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading on all 3 machines, but it seems each machine has its own unique pros & cons. Of the 3 machines, which would you recommend to be produce the best results – especially considering flapless procedures for myopic astigmatism?

    Thank you.

    • Dave Allamby says:

      hi MA
      Certainly PRK is a good idea if your martial art involves sparring, especially to the head. I would rank these systems for myopic astigmatism as follows, with #1 being the best choice in my opinion:
      #1 Schwind Amaris 750 (aberration free)
      #2 VISX S4 CustomVue
      # Carl Zeiss MEL 80

      Best regards

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