Squint and Laser Eye Surgery

Terry asked:

I am thinking of laser eye treatment. I have a squint in my left eye and long vision. The consultant has told me the squint and vision will be corrected by the surgery. I will be having wavefront laser. Can you tell me if this will work? My glasses correct the squint and my vision,

Terry, There are different causes for squints. The laser correction itself will only change the focus of your eyes, but as some squints are linked to focusing of your vision, especially long-sight, the squint can be helped or removed through e.g. LASIK. You said your glasses correct your vision and the squint. If your glasses do NOT contain a prism to correct the misalignment of your eyes, then laser correction will likely do the same job as your glasses. The closest test is how your vision and squint is when fully correcting your focus with contact lenses, but glasses can perform a similar role. If your glasses contain a prism, then you will still need to wear glasses with a prism afterwards.


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About the Author: Mr. Dave Allamby FRCS FRCOphth is a leading London-based laser eye surgeon. You may have seen him on the This Morning TV show with Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton or read one of several articles in the national press, recently for treating Denise Van Outen, rock giant Rick Wakeman and broadcaster Paul Ross. David is Medical Director at Focus Laser Vision, known as a world-leading clinic in the treatment of presbyopia, or age related loss of close vision. Focus Laser Vision is also London's only clinic to offer next-generation Z-LASIK laser eye treatment for short sight, long sight or astigmatism.

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  1. Nathan says:

    Hi Dave,

    I went for a consultation yesterday and they said I was suitable for intralase wavefront lasik. I am currently 20 years old but will be 21 very shortly. They said I have a stable prescription of -1.25 in each eye. My main worry is I had a squint when I was young (about 5 or 6 years old) and from what my mother told me all I had was eye exercises at the hospital to correct it. The squint came back when I was 15 years of age and I got glasses to help it and have been wearing them ever since. Even though the squint seems to be healed I am worried could laser eye surgery bring it back or effect my eye in any other way. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

    Thanks, Nathan

  2. Ronit says:

    Hi Dave

    I have squint problem science I’m child now I’m 25 years old . I have squint on my left eyes . Both eyes have good vision ,till now I never wear glass , I just want to make them look good(as i feel shy to take photo ). Is it possible without having operation or if I need operation is it covered under NHS treatment if not how much will it cost and where can I get one . Eagerly waiting for reply thank you.

  3. Melissa says:

    Hi Dave
    I am thinking of having LASIK ultra plus done very soon but my main concern is have a squint and have had it since I was a child. Both contact lenses and glasses correct this. My worry is I’ll have 20/20 vision and a squint in my right eye.
    What advice would you give. Will the op correct this or will I need a secondary op inaddition.

    • Dave Allamby says:

      hi Melissa, you LASIK outcome will be similar, or better, than you have with contact lenses, in terms of vision. the squint will also be the same as with CL, so you may need a squint procedure to correct this first, and reassess how your vision is when wearing CLs
      thanks, Dave

  4. Gary Fraser says:

    Hello Dave,
    I had lasik eye surgery on Friday to correct a prescription of -2.00 in both eyes.I went back on saturday for my follow up.My right eye is 20/20,however my left eye is now +1.00.The optician says i have been over corrected but the eye is still healing.Is this normal and will it settle down.It is still the same today no improvement,and i am getting headaches because one eye is perfect and the other is trying to focus(computer screens etc).What will happen next if it doesnt improve

    Thanks Gary Fraser

    • Dave Allamby says:

      hi Gary
      Too early to say, so let it settle. If no improvement, then a flap lift and enhancement around 3 months post-op is what most clinics would do.

  5. Tushar says:

    i had squint long time back. However i underwent an operation for that when i was a kid. But it has not been treated completely. there is a very little effect. Can i go for laser surgery if I’ve already got the operation of squint done?
    Thank You

    • Dave Allamby says:

      Hi Tushar, Yes it can be possible. It will depend on the vision in each eye. Also, if you see well when wearing contact lenses, this is a good indication that you will do well after laser eye surgery.
      Regards, Dave

  6. fraser gibson says:

    i have a self righting squint in my left eye which my glasses does not correct the vision on. Even with glasses the vision is extermely blurred and unfocused. i have not prisim in my glasses. Would lazer surgey correct this?

  7. Winston says:

    I will have to check the first two ‘Q’s that you gave me.

    How much would it cost and I woke up one day and thought what if i end up in magnifying glasses by time I reach 35 if i dont have the surgery.

  8. Winston says:

    I am 19 -6.25 in left -7.25 in right wearing glasses for about 9 to 10 ten years
    what would you recommend i do boxing aswell like visical activity

    • Dave Allamby says:

      Dear Winston
      Is your prescription for your glasses now stable? Has it changed since last year? If not you may well be suitable. In view of your boxing, you should consider having PRK (LASEK) instead of LASIK, to avoid risks from direct trauma to the LASIK flap during sparring or matches.
      In view of your high prescription, we would use a drug called mitomycin at the time of surgery to ensure a stable vision result for you. Mitomycin (MMC) will prevent haze scarring and weakening of your vision following treatment.
      With best regards

      • Winston says:

        Yes it’s stable and er how much would it cost, but I am not bothered about how long it would take to heal I am just afraid that my eyesight might demolish and i would be wearing magnifying glasses at 35

  9. mark says:

    Hi, Terry
    I am in exactly the same position as your self, could you please let me know if you have tne opp and how it went.
    Many thanks
    Hope everything goes ok.

  10. Pat says:

    Hi Terry, I have had a Lasik eye surgery to correct my vision about a year ago. I have been having squint since I was young. Lasik surgery doesn’t correct squint. It has nothing to do with it. However, there is a surgery that can correct squint though. I am getting the surgery soon. Hope this helps.


  11. terry says:

    Dear Dave
    Thanks for the reply and the information you have put my mind at ease and my glasses dont have a prism and when I have had them done I will mail back if I need any other information.



    • terry says:

      Dear Dave I mailed you last year for some information on eye surgery and have had the surgery. The surgery went well and the vision was good but I had to have a enhansment after 9 months which was ok. I feel I could not give a opinion on the surgery until now sorry Mark it has not corrected the squint as much as I would like my squint makes my eye turn in after the enhansment my vision is getting better every day. and thanks to Pat I to am looking at having surgery to correct my squint.

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